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Non Chilli

This group of products offer a lively set of spice flavours but do not have the pungency of chilli – a great way to introduce young palates to the wonderful array of flavours that spices provide.

Did your Gran used to make tomato sauce for you? If so, this should bring back fond memories – it's old fashioned with lots of flavour.

Like the Tomato Sauce, the Tomato Relish is an old fashioned set of flavours that still work for modern foods.

A classic green tomato pickle with a combination of sweet and sours with mustard as the predominant spice flavour.

This is a mix of the smoky flavour of the roasted capsicums, the sweetness of apple and dark brown sugar and a gentle back tone of sweet paprika.


Enjoy the flavour of the wasabi and horseradish without the sting in your sinuses!



Niue is a tiny little South Pacific island producing some of the finest, fragrant vanilla beans around. Hells Breath had the opportunity to visit and experience the growing and processing - a genuinely hands-on experience with instruction on the technique of hand pollination. These beans are superb quality and divine flavour for your favourite desserts. Next time you visit the Hells Breath market stall, come and savour a little bit of Niue.

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Chili Pepper

Chilli Peppers


Doesn’t matter how you spell it – they taste great.