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Wow Chilli Lime Cooler

As proof that chilli is extraordinarily versatile, here's a cordial for big kids.

A gentle chilli heat, combined with Australian grown lime juice.

Wow Chilli Lime Cooler makes a refreshing soft drink when mixed with ice and soda water or let rip with your choice of cocktail - just the thing for a hot summers day or a drink for the designated driver. Or, let rip and create a cocktail try it with vodka, tequila or white rum.


The Hells Breath Relish is the best use it on your curry, use it with your roast, can use it as a savoury dip and even on your toast!

Cheers Graham

Chili Facts


In 1912 Wilbur Scoville, a US pharmacist worked up a method to give a heat rating to different varieties of chillies. It is known as the Scoville scale and still used today. The Scoville Scale of heat units is determined by measuring the amount of sweetened water required to dilute the capsaicin (the hot component of a chilli) until it is undetectable. That is, the more sweetened water required, the higher the heat rating. Now this sounds like science until the human factor is acknowledged. A panel of 5 tasters make the judgement at what point the chilli heat becomes undetectable and we all know that people have a very different sensitivity to chilli!